What does your media say about you?

Every day we are bombarded with pings, dings and brightly coloured advertising. This is through social media, email, TV, billboards, post, text messages, phone calls and radio.  In short, our attention is in demand.

As a business this can mean that it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd and show people what you are all about. The big companies have the luxury of big budgets – they can go to town on creative and complex cross channel marketing campaigns. However, the sky is not the limit when it comes to your marketing budget – a limit we respect. So, we have a simple question:

What does your media say about you?

We have recently undergone a rebrand from Hubspoke Marketing to our new trading name Hubspoke Media. This process made us look inwardly. Over the years, we have delivered some incredible projects. In fact, so much so, we spent our efforts focussing on doing the best job possible for our clients whilst neglecting our own media. And, whilst we cannot share all of the work we do, we realised we had to make a change.

So, we did just that. We have taken the time to carefully curate the work we can share, just like we do for our clients. We now take more images and videos when we are in the office or out on jobs – and yes, whilst it is another thing to think about, with good pre planning we can take the time to do it.

Our clients for years have been enjoying our media packs, showcasing their work with professional imagery. Well now we enjoy our own media packs showcasing our work.

When working with our clients, they often want us to level up their media. Running a business involves so many moving parts. Sometimes (not all the time) their media is a thing that pays the price of a busy business.

So, what can you do to improve your media?

Simple; hire Hubspoke!….

All jokes aside (Although we are of course here if you need us) we have some simple tips to help you start improving your media straight away.

  • Schedule some time each week to look for opportunities to take some images
  • Ask yourself, do these images tell a story, entertain or educate my audience?
  • Document what you do. Take a moment throughout the week to take a quick couple of photos.
  • Create a folder and add a selection images to it each week – create a media pack.
  • Consider your framing – Adam for example can’t stand accidentally taking images with distracting objects in the back- ground – he takes the time to adjust the ‘scene’ by removing clutter or distractions.

What if you only have a smart phone?  Our response to that, is that’s ok! A photo is better than no photo. And while we always back professional images for the win, the modern day capability of smart phones is impressive and you can certainly tell a good story through them.

To come back to the title of this blog – “What does your media say about you?” In truth we are asking you – What are you saying through your media? 

Professional media can help you stand out from the crowd and smarten up the look of your organisation, but if it’s detached from the narrative, that will only get you so far. That’s’ why we work hard to connect the media we produce to the respective Products, Places and People

Media that showcases a product, tells a story, educates or entertains an audience, staying true to your brand, helps you truly convey your message.