Refreshing the Hubspoke Brand.

The new year brought with it many of the uncertainties that we finished on last year. But there was one thing we were certain of here at Hubspoke and that was our commitment to giving ourselves some of the same treatment we pride ourselves on giving our clients.

It wasn’t about changing everything; it was about changing how we represented ourselves and our strengths. It was about improving the experience of our audience and growing our business without having to reinvent the wheel.

Hubspoke Marketing and Media…the clues in the name? But is it? On reflection, we didn’t think it was; not entirely anyway and so we set out to clear things up.

Our own consultancy

We are so used to brainstorming, that we don’t even realise we are doing it anymore! It started with a ‘we need to talk about Hubspoke’ and over coffee (and zoom of course) a new era of Hubspoke was born.

Our first decision was based on recognising and celebrating our strengths. For every client, we set out to provide Impactful marketing with originality and creativity that represents their brand and ultimately brings them customers. How do we do this? With great Media. As a company we pride ourselves on being able to offer a client the full package, from design to professional videos and photos that will form the basis of their marketing content.

And so, after lots of excited noises and virtual high fives, it was decided. Hubspoke Media would lead the way and we would refresh the brand based on this.

Media and Marketing Offer

Whilst our two core offers come under Media and Marketing, we wanted to be clearer on the substance behind those services and that meant casting a constructive eye over our content. How could we make it more relatable? More readable? More interesting? More obvious?

Refreshing our text was a great place to start and in doing so the website instantly began to take a different shape. When we stripped everything back, our offer was clear. Photos. Videos. Words – Products. Places. People.

And there we had it, a road map of services, showing the breadth and diversity of services we offer. Each a product in its own right but with the ability of working alongside another service in a greater marketing plan. You may only want a video to promote your restaurant or you may want a video with written content for your social media that we run as part of your marketing…..we can do either.

It is one thing to talk about your product, but when it comes to marketing a marketing company, how do you inspire confidence in a product that the customer can’t pick up, or try on or instantly see its place or value? – Answer. Content. For us, this means our work. Updating the website imagery and including more examples of the work we produce was the obvious solution. But rather than a short-term fix, we have pledged to do this as a long term strategy and let our audience see more and more often!