Looking to level up your headshot?

The mighty headshot, not many of us like them… In fact very few of us like them.

You march into a room, stand in front of a camera. Then the questions hit you:

  • How do I stand?
  • What do I do with my arms?
  • Do I smile and show my teeth?
  • Shall I look stern?
  • In fact how do I smile again? I seem to have forgot
  • What’s for dinner?

The lights start flashing and with much posturing back and forth with the photographer you finish the session. Now we know that photographers out there are trying their very best to create images that you like – and they will help you pose your photo with all the right intentions. Sure, they may have you stood in a slightly odd position BUT they are working with you towards achieving a common goal – a top notch headshot.

So, do we need to say the last 18months have been hard? No… but here’s a question to ask yourself. When did you last get your headshot taken?

We are here to help – Come to our micro studio and enjoy a ‘relaxed’ (as much as it can be) photoshoot. With our professional kit we will strive to create a set of images that are just right for you. Who knows we could always get a coffee on!

Have a number of people? We can come to you… Let us know, although we may need you to supply the coffee!

Want to know more? Email hello@hubspokemedia.co.uk