How to make the most of blog posts.

A blog post is a fantastic way to put your information across and it’s a form of content we like to include in any marketing campaigns we run for clients. A great addition to your written content, it’s also really versatile and can be adapted in lots of ways.


Here are a few of the ways you could use them!

–       On your website:  A regular blog post in your blog section/ latest news, keeps your website nice and fresh, interesting and useful to your customers. A website that remains up to date and in touch with its audience is far more likely to keep people scrolling.

–       You can use them to explain how a product works, tell customers about new additions or changes to your business or even just tell customers about your business and why you do what you do.

–       Social Media : Break it into snippets for your social media – easy to understand, straight to the point information for your audience that can be scheduled and rolled out over all your channels and provide daily interaction.

–       Capture it: For that extra personal touch and to add a different dimension to your media turn it into a video! You can make it a b-roll, tutorial style, narrative etc. Again, it’s another engaging way to show customers your products, your business and you!

–         Say it: Create a podcast based on the topic of your blog and use the body as your script. There are plenty of budget friendly microphones and headsets to get you started. They are great for engagement , perfect if you dont like the camera and they can be downloaded/streamed at any time of the day on any device!